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2009-07-07 01:56:35 by earslicer

Fuck music... i cant do that..


2009-05-23 20:47:27 by earslicer

So i have like 4 songs i dont no where to go with or just gave up on cause they suck ANUS!!!! Hoping BoC will be on so we can collab em...

New songs

2009-04-27 17:50:09 by earslicer

As you can tell ive released a couple more shitty songs, but im finnaly experimenting with all the effects in FL. I am currently working on a new song from just a basic templace, Kick, Clap, Hat, Snare. If i need to add more to make it more epic then i will do so. But yeah thats it. BREED OF CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New music

2009-02-28 18:40:35 by earslicer

So far i have 6 songs out. there doing much better then i thought/ and some people even downloaded some >.> kinda crazy. I didnt expect that. But im working on some new ones. Peace


2008-06-10 01:18:59 by earslicer

Hi, i'm new to Newgrounds but im learning how to make music with some programs, looking foward to what I make I guess. Any tips would be wonderfull, like what programs to use to make music would be great to know.